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The city holiday appartment located centrally in beautiful Porec is perfectly suited for small families while the spacious garden appartment close to the beach is ideal for dog owners. Only a few minutes to walk to the beach, supermarket and restaurant.
More information on the CITY-Appartment and COAST-Appartment.


Poreč or Parenzo is one of the most significant towns on the Westcoast of the Istrien Peninsula in Croatia besides Rovinj/Rovigno  and the more urban center of Pula/Pola. Poreč  has 16.696 inhabitants (2011). The most significant building in Poreč is the Bishops Building with its Euphrasius-Basilica which is a UNESCO world heritage center.

Registration & Directions

Booking enquiries can be done here. Travel via airports Pula, Rijeka, Triest or Venice, alternatively via train to Triest or Rijeka or Flixbus.